Pupil Involvement

At Weeth School we believe that giving children responsibility for their school gives them a sense of ownership and pride. We also believe that this approach enables children to prepare for life in modern Britain by becoming positive citizens, learning to express themselves positively, learning how to make valuable contributions to a community and how to respect and follow rules and laws.

The responsibilities take on many forms such as: School Prefect, School Council, Trust Council, House Captains, Eco Warriors, ‘Red Caps’ and Camborne Youth Council.

We also take part in a range of sporting events within our trust and local area throughout the year.

School Prefects

Each year, the children in Year 6 are given the opportunity to apply in writing for the position of Prefect. Many children at Weeth aspire to become a Prefect from a young age – it is an admired role.

Prefects are selected to model the expectation Weeth has for all its pupils. Prefects carry out a range of different roles and responsibilities both within their class and around the school. They are expected to model outstanding behaviour at all times and act as a role model to others. As well as carrying out their day to day duties and responsibilities, they are also sometimes asked to represent the school at various different events throughout the year.

School Council

We have two children from each class, one boy and one girl, that take on the role of School Councillor. As part of the school helping children to prepare for life in modern Britain, we teach children about democracy. The School Councillors are voted for by the pupils in each class through a democratic vote. Our School Councillors attend regular meetings with our School Council lead, Mrs Tamblyn. Together they make decisions on behalf of all the children in school. In the past, they have made decisions about what equipment to buy for the school playground and have been responsible for arranging the purchase of equipment from a set budget. They also consider ways that our school can raise money for charity and plan key fundraising events such as Children in Need and Red Nose Day. 

Trust Council

We have one child from Year 5 and one child from Year 6 who are nominated to represent our school on the Crofty Trust Council. These children may already be on the School Council or an Eco Warrior so we can link together the key priorities and efforts. Our representatives attend a monthly meeting with other Trust Council members from other Crofty Schools. Each meeting has a focus which the Trust Councillors will feedback to the school via the School Council or Eco Warriors.

House Captains

Each year, the children in Year 6 are given the opportunity to apply in writing for the position of House Captain. Each child in our school is placed in one of four ‘Houses’. Each ‘House’ has a captain who leads the team and a deputy captain who assists the lead. Again, main children aspire to fulfil this role from a young age.
The house captains for each ‘House’ are in charge of collecting house points from each class at the end of each week. These are totalled up and reported on our Newsletter. They also get involved in any events that requires ‘Houses’, for example, Sports Day.

Eco Warriors

We have two children from each class, one boy and one girl, that take on the role of Eco Warrior. Again, these children are selected by the pupils in each class through a democratic vote. Our Eco Warriors consider ways that our school can become eco-friendlier and consider ways we can help our planet. Our Eco Warriors attend regular meetings with our Eco Warriors lead, Miss Kitchen. They then feedback any information to their classes. If children have any ideas about ways we can become eco-friendlier as a school, they can discuss this with the Eco-Warriors who feedback in their meetings.

Red Caps

In Year 5, our children can apply for the position of ‘Red Cap’. The Red Caps are responsible for looking after and playing with the younger children during lunchtimes. They are also responsible for ensuring the lunchtime equipment is used sensibly and put away at the end of lunch. They have the opportunity to complete training in how to organise and lead playground games

Camborne Youth Council

We are also involved with the Camborne Youth Council. Children in Year 5 are nominated by a class vote to apply for the Camborne Youth Council, with the view that they continue this role into Year 6. Those accepted on the Youth Council will attend regular meetings, contributing the views, thoughts and opinions of young people to the town council.

Sporting Events

Throughout the school year, we take part in a range of different sporting events both within our trust and with other local schools. We have a football team and a netball team who regularly take part in sporting events and tournaments. We also attend a range of other sporting events throughout the school year, including cross-country, athletics, tennis and swimming.